Gig Review: Biffy Clyro, Manchester Arena

A must-see band, especially if you’d like your ears to ring for two weeks!


cropped-cropped-soundwash-logo-right-colour.jpgThis year Scottish alternative rock band Biffy Clyro took to the road to support their latest release, ‘Ellipsis’. The eight-date tour saw the band take to every major city in the UK and their stop at Manchester definitely showed what an outstanding live act Biffy Clyro are. The support act for the entirety of the tour was American emo icons, Brand New.

Their Manchester arena show saw Biffy Clyro play an (almost) career spanning setlist, including songs from many of their albums – excellent for longtime fans. Brand New also played a variety of songs but didn’t include their latest single, ‘I Am a Nightmare’, which was pretty odd.

The setup for the show included elaborate stage designs, with Brand New sporting an old-fashioned movie screen behind them, with cameras set up to directly play onto it. Incredibly convenient for fans unable to stand. Biffy Clyro‘s stage setup was an incredibly high-tech version of Brand New‘s. A giant digital screen with a huge five or six layer stage design for what I can only assume was for maximum mobility. Camera men filmed the band live to and used weird, distorted filters and angles to present a great display for everyone in the seats. Again, incredibly convenient and thoughtful.

The performances themselves were top notch. Brand New delivered. Their angsty, sad sound resonated well with the audience and they were clearly appreciated with the thunderous applause they received as they finished their set. A fine effort for possibly one of their last ventures to the U.K. before their (supposed) impending break-up.

Biffy Clyro were on after about half an hour of stage set up but boy, was it worth the wait. Launching into their set with ‘Wolves of Winter’ from ‘Ellipsis’, lead singer Simon Neil showed the audience that they weren’t there to fuck about. Their 27 song setlist took us on a journey through the history of the band, with oldies like ‘Folding Stars’ from 2007’s ‘Puzzle’ appearing. Simon Neil also treated the audience to solo acoustic performances of ‘Medicine’ from ‘Ellipsis’ and ‘Machines’ from ‘Puzzle’.

Be sure to catch Biffy Clyro live at some point if you fancy a SUPER loud gig that’ll leave your ears ringing for the better part of a week. Highly recommended.


Author: R.A. Hagan

21-year-old thing doer

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