Opinion Blog: Support Support

You’re paying to see MULTIPLE bands, but only showing up for one. Why?


cropped-soundwash-logo-right-colour.jpgWhenever I buy tickets to see a band live I’m always eager to see who they’ve chosen as their support act. Some personal highlights for me include The Adam BrownCut Ribbons, Brand New and Tax The Heat. However, often I find that my enthusiasm isn’t shared by a large portion of the audience. Just recently I saw Tax The Heat supporting one of my favourite bands, Royal Republic, and the amount of people who conveniently arrived ten minutes before Royal Republic took the stage compared to the amount of people who showed up to watch Tax The Heat really rubbed me the wrong way.

You’re paying to see MULTIPLE bands, but only showing up for one. Why? A common excuse I hear is “we didn’t have time to get here for them”, yes you did. You could’ve set off earlier. I put this down to people building themselves a strict audio comfort zone. “I didn’t come because I don’t know this band!”, okay; take five minutes, load up YouTube and fucking listen to them then. I wasn’t born with the knowledge of who The Beatles or Led Zeppelin were until I listened to them, and you weren’t either. These bands, who pay their own money to drag their equipment across cities – and sometimes countries – to play to an audience ten times smaller than their main act for a measly half an hour, are happy to do so; but deserve way more. Nobody is asking you to enjoy them and nobody is asking you to spend money on their merchandise. Just be a decent human being and give the people who’re desperately trying to turn their passion into a career a chance.

Set off to the gig half an hour earlier. Cope with the queues. Help people out. Support support.

Author: R.A. Hagan

21-year-old thing doer

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