Gig Review: Royal Republic, Manchester Academy

A rousing set from the 21st Century Gentlemen

©Capitol Records

Swedish rock quartet Royal Republic returned to Manchester Academy on Friday (31st March) to play a second date on their highly successful ‘Weekend Man’ tour, brought on by popular demand. Along with them came British rock band Tax The Heat, who’re due to release their upcoming album ‘Fed To The Lions’ via Nuclear Blast next Saturday, April 8th.

After a solid hour of fans flooding into the venue, Tax The Heat played an incredibly energetic and entertaining 30 minutes of their best tunes and really brought all they had to the Academy. All in all, an impressive showing to the hundreds of potential new fans.

Royal Republic took the stage shortly afterwards, and what an incredible show they had. Opening with the lead single to 2016’s ‘Weekend Man’ (Capitol Records), ‘When I See You Dance With Another’, the band effectively set the mood for the night. The band’s signature high-energy performance had the entire crowd moving, from their first song all the way to the last. The songs were interlaced with humorous stories and anecdotes from frontman Adam Grahn, giving the show a lot of personality and displaying the band’s connection with their audience. Another thing to note was how incredibly well the venue handled the massive sound of this band, with there being little to no sound problems in the entire two hours. Royal Republic played a career spanning setlist, with songs from all three of their albums appearing and even an Iron Maiden cover showing up in the encore.

The chemistry between the four members of the band has never been clearer and it’s easy to tell that Royal Republic love nothing more than entertaining. This band is quickly becoming a must-see act, and it’s easy to see why.

Author: R.A. Hagan

21-year-old thing doer

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