Album Review: RJFaux – V E R S E D

Eighties music done right in 2017.

©Zoe Alexandra

RJFaux recently dropped his debut album ‘V E R S E D’ on the online streaming platform and new music haven, Bandcamp. RJFaux‘s music is described by the artist himself as “80’s inspired electronic music”, and boy; does it live up to that description.

The album kicks off with the intense ‘Ultraviolet’, a song that does so many elements of 1980’s electronic rock, so right. From the catchy, earworm synthesiser riff to the use of distorted electric guitar as a supporting instrument, the song really has it all. The use of drum machine loops in this song is really great and well-structured, it works at dominating the tempo of the song, but sits back and lets the synth/guitar instrumentation shine. Aside from a couple of falsetto notes that sounded ever so slightly out of RJFaux‘s vocal range – but that’s okay; the non-falsetto vocals were very good. The song also has a great guitar solo, which is always okay.

The rest of the album follows up and doubles down after ‘Ultraviolet’. Every song on this album sounds just as the producer himself described it. It’s easy to see that RJFaux is very dedicated to what the 1980s is about, and has obviously spent a great amount of time carefully crafting this album to be as perfectly 1980s as humanly possible, in 2017. The album boasts electronic rock, house and dance beats and none are out of place. The only down point on an otherwise great album is the 8th track, ‘East Coast Odyssey’; which is slightly boring and unremarkable. The album’s finale ‘Vulpes’, is a genuinely really lovely song, and the vocoder-like effects on the vocals are incredible – best song on the album.

Check out RJFaux, and the album on RJFaux‘s official Bandcamp page, down below:

Author: R.A. Hagan

21-year-old thing doer

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