Single(s) Review: The Four Singles From Weezer’s Upcoming 11th Album ‘Pacific Daydream’

Will the follow-up to the critically acclaimed ‘White Album’ be good? Or is it back to the shack for Weezer?

Pacific Daydream
©Atlantic Records

Weezer have been on something of a hot streak in recent years, with 2014’s ‘Everything Will Be Alright In The End’ and 2016’s self-titled 10th studio album showcasing a return to form for the California pop rockers. Earlier this year, the band announced the latest entry to their discogaphy, ‘Pacific Daydream’. Continue reading “Single(s) Review: The Four Singles From Weezer’s Upcoming 11th Album ‘Pacific Daydream’”

Album Review: Royal Blood – How Did We Get So Dark?

Much like their first album, except with half the charm and twice as boring.

How DId We Get So Dark
©Warner Bros

Sophomore slump – a phrase which refers to an instance in which a second effort fails to live up to the first.

British rock band Royal Blood very recently released their second album ‘How Did We Get So Dark?’ on June 16th (via Warner Bros), following on from their incredibly successful debut, the self-titled ‘Royal Blood’, which was released in 2014. The band are known for their quasi-unique drum and (heavily distorted) electric bass sound and after already releasing one album full of that , a lot of people began to wonder if it would sound a little tired and a bit overdone on their second album. And well, it did. Continue reading “Album Review: Royal Blood – How Did We Get So Dark?”

Album Review: Incubus – 8

Not gr8.

©Island Records

On April 21st 2017, American rock band Incubus released their eighth studio album, appropriately titled ‘8’ (via Island). The album comes off the back of their somewhat forgettable ‘Trust Fall (Side A)’ EP and is the first full-length studio album since 2011’s ‘If Not Now, When?’. Continue reading “Album Review: Incubus – 8”

Album Review: RJFaux – V E R S E D

Eighties music done right in 2017.

©Zoe Alexandra

RJFaux recently dropped his debut album ‘V E R S E D’ on the online streaming platform and new music haven, Bandcamp. RJFaux‘s music is described by the artist himself as “80’s inspired electronic music”, and boy; does it live up to that description.

Continue reading “Album Review: RJFaux – V E R S E D”