Single(s) Review: The Four Singles From Weezer’s Upcoming 11th Album ‘Pacific Daydream’

Will the follow-up to the critically acclaimed ‘White Album’ be good? Or is it back to the shack for Weezer?

Pacific Daydream
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Weezer have been on something of a hot streak in recent years, with 2014’s ‘Everything Will Be Alright In The End’ and 2016’s self-titled 10th studio album showcasing a return to form for the California pop rockers. Earlier this year, the band announced the latest entry to their discogaphy, ‘Pacific Daydream’. Continue reading “Single(s) Review: The Four Singles From Weezer’s Upcoming 11th Album ‘Pacific Daydream’”

A Look Back At: Angels & Airwaves – I-Empire

Blink 18who?

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This November, it’ll be 10 years since Angels & Airwaves released their sophomore album, ‘I-Empire’.  Continue reading “A Look Back At: Angels & Airwaves – I-Empire”

Opinion Blog: Support Support

You’re paying to see MULTIPLE bands, but only showing up for one. Why?

cropped-soundwash-logo-right-colour.jpgWhenever I buy tickets to see a band live I’m always eager to see who they’ve chosen as their support act. Some personal highlights for me include The Adam BrownCut Ribbons, Brand New and Tax The Heat. However, often I find that my enthusiasm isn’t shared by a large portion of the audience. Continue reading “Opinion Blog: Support Support”

A Look Back At: The Strokes – Room on Fire

A stroke of genius.

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The Strokes. One of New York’s finest offerings since pizza, Lou Reed and The Godfather trilogy.

The album I’m going to be writing about today is their 2003 sophomore effort ‘Room on Fire’, which is my personal favourite album. This will be the first entry in Soundwash’s ‘A Look Back At’ series. Continue reading “A Look Back At: The Strokes – Room on Fire”

Gig Review: Biffy Clyro, Manchester Arena

A must-see band, especially if you’d like your ears to ring for two weeks!

cropped-cropped-soundwash-logo-right-colour.jpgThis year Scottish alternative rock band Biffy Clyro took to the road to support their latest release, ‘Ellipsis’. The eight-date tour saw the band take to every major city in the UK and their stop at Manchester definitely showed what an outstanding live act Biffy Clyro are. Continue reading “Gig Review: Biffy Clyro, Manchester Arena”