About Us

Who we are:

Soundwash Magazine is an online webzine founded by a music journalism student, as a place for all music fans, writers and journalists to be able to easily share their opinions on all things musical.

What we want to do:

Soundwash Magazine will aim to cover a wide range of music media. From the new, to the old. From pop rock, to death metal. From albums, to documentaries. You get the picture.

How do I write for Soundwash?

Get in touch with Ryan, the head editor, by going to the “contact” section and shooting him an email (preferably with a short sample of previous work, or a link to your blog).

Writing published on Soundwash will contain the author’s name and will be categorised to make finding any one author’s work easy. This is helpful for if you’d like to provide links to use as evidence of experience in writing!

How often do I have to write?

You can write an article anytime you’d like! As this is an unpaid setup, there is no commitment to write and you are welcome to work on any schedule that works for you. Please note however, if you are inactive for a long period of time, you will be removed as a contributor to make way for other writers.

Soundwash’s Content:

The content found on Soundwash falls under six categories: Albums (reviews of new/recent full-length releases), EPs (pretty much the same as Albums only with EPs), Live Shows (reviews of live shows you’ve attended), Interviews (interviews with a musician/band), A Look Back At (a retrospective review of an older album – typically written for albums reaching anniversaries) and Editorial (a piece written by the head editor).

Can I use work I’ve already written for my blog?

If it’s a piece of work you’re particularly proud of then sure! As long as the content is 100% your own work and is interesting to read, that’s fine. However, writing fully original work is encouraged.